ISFJ Zombie Apocalypse

ISFJ WDISFJs typically love order, harmony, and creature comforts, and that is in sharp contrast to the messy, dangerous world of the zombie apocalypse.  People of this type will naturally fear for the safety of their loved ones, and they will do everything in their power to keep their families comfortable, safe, and having the most normal day to day life possible.  They may try to find a quiet, secluded, safe place to hunker down with loved ones for the duration of the awfulness, but they will certainly do their best to be good caretakers under difficult circumstances.

Generally, ISFJs are not fans of conflict, and stabbing walking corpses in the eye with an ice pick would absolutely count as conflict.  Despite this aversion, ISFJs will likely see the practicality and learn the necessity of survival skills in the new world, and they will likely do their part to learn to physically defend themselves and those they love…. They will probably never love the kill though.

Which characters from The Walking Dead do you think fit the ISFJ description?  The first person that comes to my mind is Carol. The second is Tyrese.

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