INTP Zombie Apocalypse

INTP WDINTPs, in the zombie apocalypse, are likely going to be good with strategizing about ways to accomplish tasks as they arise.  Their quick thinking will probably prove helpful in getting themselves or groups out of complex situations. Their logical creativity and competent minds allow INTPs to be good in a pinch, such as finding ways to use unlikely objects to kill zombies.  They will also probably be able to assist their group in detecting flaws in plans and ideas, making the plans and processes better in the end.

In addition to creativity in situations, some INTPs will want to do zombie research, which would certainly be a growing field in the zombie apocalypse!  If they are scientifically minded and have a place still capable of scientific study, they may try to figure out a way to cure zombieism, or they may at least try to find ways to save the lives of those who still have lives, through science.

In thinking about the characters on The Walking Dead, the first character that comes to mind as meeting the description of an INTP is Glenn.  The second character who comes to mind is Milton. What do you think?

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Personality Playbook is in no way affiliated with The Walking Dead, nor is the person writing this a zombie.


  1. Trevor

    Milton is definatly INTP, i agree 100% with you on this one.

    1. Sadie (Post author)

      Thanks. Milton is pretty textbook. You are reminding me that I should add some of the new characters to this!

      1. Trevor

        Yes please do. I want to know what you think. I have yet to type them myself


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