The following are books that I have used as references in writing parts of this site, and they have all been incredibly valuable to me in gaining knowledge of the MBTI®.  I hope you will check some of them out and enjoy them!

Gifts Differing is, in my opinion, the best book to read when you are beginning to learn about type, and you want to gain deeper knowledge on the background of the assessment.  This book is very readable and enjoyable.

The MBTI® Manual is a must have for any university department who administers the MBTI®.  It contains information on reliability, validity, multicultural uses of type, and type with counseling and careers.

Introduction to Type is a great guide because it has nice, page long descriptions of each type.  It also has some nice general information before and after the type descriptions.  This is a great resource for anyone with an interest in type, and it is a must have when doing interpretations, due to the convenience of allowing someone who is “stuck” between two types to read multiple descriptions.

Was That Really Me? by Naomi Quenk is a great book about how the process of stress and how each type is impacted by stress and the inferior function.

In The Grip by Naomi Quenk a shortened version of Was That Really Me?.  Personally, I like to have both books around because they longer version gives you in depth knowledge, and the shortened version is a great in office reference for working with students.

Looking at Type® Your Career by Charles Martin, Ph.D. is a wonderful resource to work through the career choice process, whether you are a counselor working with a student or you are an individual looking for some guidance.  It contains descriptions of the 16 types in careers, and it contains activities to unite the other aspects of career decision making with type.  It is also inexpensive enough to keep copies around to give to students!

Just Your Type: Create the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted Using the Secrets of Personality Type by Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger is great book that covers a popular topic of interest with type.  It gives descriptions of each type with each other type in a relationship.  While the book specifically looks at romantic relationships, many people find the descriptions helpful for other relationships as well

MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths by Janey Penley is a great resource for mothers interested in learning about parenting and type, and it can also be great for kids (young or not so young) interested in learning more about their own mothers.

Introduction to Type and Teams is a good resource for anyone wanting to learn more about how type can work in teamwork.  It is a great read to gain background on this topic when preparing for workshops.  The link above is for the Kindle version of the book, but you can get a paper copy from the Center for Applications of Psychological Type.

Introduction to Type and Leadership provides a 1 page description of each type in a leadership role, along with some basic information about the MBTI® as it relates to type.  The link above is for the Kindle version of the book, but you can get a paper copy from the Center for Applications of Psychological Type.

Introduction to Type and College by John K. Ditiberio and Allen L. Hammerprovides a 1 page description of each type in different aspects of college, along with some basic information about the MBTI® as it relates to college.  This book is available at the link above in both paper and Kindle formats.

Using the MBTI® Instrument in Colleges and Universities by Judith Provost and Scott Anchors is a must have book for using type in colleges!  It focuses on various aspects of college life that will lead to increased retention.

Looking at Type® and Learning Styles by Gordon Lawrence, Ph.D. is a great book that provides general information on type n the classroom, as well as descriptions of learning styles for each of the 16 types.

Introduction to Type and Decision Making by Elizabeth Hirsh and Katherine Hirsh is a great book that examines the entire process used by each type to make decisions.

Out of Time by Larry Demarest is a great booklet that provides an overview of type and two page descriptions of how each type deals with time, work, and motivation.

Procrastination: Using Psychological Type Concepts to Help Students by Judith Provost is a great book to explore how type impacts procrastination.

Work, Play and Type: Achieving Balance in Your Life by Judith Provost is a great book to help you understand how adults play and how we can use play to lead more balanced lives.

Work Types by Jean Kummerow, Nancy Barger, and Linda Kirby provides great information on how to use… and even how not to use…. type in the workplace.

Looking at Type in the Workplace by Larry Demarest is a booklet that provides information on the 8 preferences and the 16 types at work.


The MBTI® Practitioner’s Field Guide is a must have for any office or group who wants to use the MBTI® for outreach, workshops, and presentations.  It includes activities on leadership, conflict, communication, using type in teams, and other topics.