Myers-Briggs® and Decision Making: The 16 Descriptions

Type TableThis week you may notice that the site has a newer and cleaner look and feel.  I hope you like it, and I’d love to hear your opinion of it.  In addition to the new look, and in lieu of an article, this week I have added descriptions of the 16 types in making decisions.  Few parts of life are more important than the ability to make good decisions and to learn to trust your decision making process, and knowledge of type can be incredibly helpful in improving your skills in both of these areas.  You can find these descriptions by visiting The 16 Types page and clicking on the type description you wish to read.

You may notice that the decision making descriptions fall just above the career descriptions.  This is by design, as one of the biggest and most important decisions individuals make is what to do in the world of work.  Reading these descriptions together is a great way to begin the discussion of making a career decision.  As always, thank for reading!


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