Apocalypse Types and Zombie Bites

zombieFor some time now, I have been plotting and planning a new feature for this site to go with the current zombie craze, and I knew I wanted to time its release with the new season of The Walking Dead, of which I am a huge fan but not otherwise affiliated.  To that end, I have added a Zombies page to the site.  On this page you will find a bloodied version of the clickable type table, which links to descriptions of each of the 16 types in the zombie apocalypse.  If you scroll down on that page, you will find a very serious analysis of the MBTI® type of the zombies!

Of course, all of the zombie related material is meant to be fun.  Clearly, I was unable to do an interpretation with a zombie (nor would I want to), and I have been unable to do a workshop with individuals who were currently entrenched in a zombie apocalypse to see their true reactions.  I came up with these descriptions by doing the painstaking research of watching each episode of The Walking Dead more than once (oh, how I suffered), making my best determination of what type I believed each character to be, and writing thematic material of how that individual has reacted to the zombie apocalypse.  The process I used to determine the Myers-Briggs® type of the zombies themselves is pretty well described in the article itself.

My hope is that this section will be a fun way to introduce students, faculty, and staff to the world of the MBTI®.  I hope that visitors will check out the pre-apocalyptic type descriptions during their visit to the site, where they can learn about types under more realistic stress and in other situations.  I also hope that this section will be used as a fun way to discuss type in the college classroom.  Maybe it will even lead to a discussion of how people change during times of stress and struggle to survive.  That being said, if all you get out of this is a laugh, I am ok with that too.  I must say that I have had a total blast writing this section, and I hope you enjoy reading it.  As always, I would love to hear feedback and/or ideas.  Thanks for reading!



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