Type Basics & The 8 Preferences

I have added new sections to the website on some type basics, as well as descriptions of the 8 preferences that make up type.  Hopefully, reading through this information will be helpful in gaining background on the building blocks of type.  My next step will be to add short descriptions of the 16 types, which will evolve over time to cover more categories.  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Leon Russell

    I heard that there is a place where there is no space and time and that this type of environment helps foster and cultivate a personality type that is referred to by Dr. Sargent as Omni & Pan Type. Would you mind writing more about the benefits of cultivating Omni & Pan Type in college. I am interested in transcending the constraints of only possessing one Type.

  2. Sadie (Post author)

    Mr. Russell, I wonder if your lack of willingness to find your best fit type is related to the fact that you have sung a lot of songs and made some bad rhymes. I also wonder if acting out your life on stages with 10,000 people watching has made you build life skills in the area of Extraversion, despite your Introversion. This may require further work with Dr. Sargent so that you can find the desire to get in touch with your true self!


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