ISTJ Zombie Apocalypse

ISTJ WDBecause ISTJs typically like to prepare for the worst, it is not unlikely that they have already thought about what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, especially if they enjoy watching zombie shows.  They will want to pragmatically plan out the details of the best way to survive, from the place to the people with them to food storage, and they will likely try to store more rations than they think will be needed… After all, it would be awful to run out of toothpaste and toilet paper while hunkered down in a single building for a couple of years hiding from imminent death.

It is likely that ISTJs will set really solid boundaries during the zombie apocalypse because people do crazy things when desperate, and it will be important for the ISTJ to protect loved ones and/or themselves from harm as much as possible.  If they are not in denial, ISTJs will also likely want to understand as many details as possible about how zombies function, so that they can have a better idea of the new lay of the land and the new set of rules.  Adequate alone time to process will be helpful, and the passing of time will ease some anxiety.  Overall, however, ISTJs will likely find it difficult to adjust to the new way of living… especially since the new way is interested in eating their faces.

Which character from The Walking Dead do you think fits the ISTJ description?  The first person that comes to my mind is Herschel. What do you think?

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