INFJ Zombie Apocalypse

INFJ WDWhen the world begins to fall apart, and zombies begin to take over the earth, INFJs will probably muster all of their vision and skill to help the people around them in any way possible.  Perhaps their main role in the post-apocalyptic world will be to serve as a moral compass and a reminder of the importance of humanity.  As those around them become desperate and dangerous and begin to deal with changing laws of mankind, INFJs may become almost militant about sticking to previously held values, putting people first, and caring for one another.

INFJs will try to find meaning in the destruction, and they may try to help other individuals find new meaning in their lives, as they struggle not to be eaten.  While they will quietly mourn for the losses and pains of the world, they will maintain hope that life is still worth living and that people can still become who they were meant to be.

Which characters from The Walking Dead do you think fit the INFJ description?  The first person that comes to my mind is Dale.  What do you think?

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  1. Nancy Mooney

    I have been an INFJ on every MBTI I’ve taken in the past twenty years, and very little of this Zombie profile fits. Saying that INFJs “may become almost militant about sticking to previously held values, putting people first, and caring for one another”? I don’t see myself in that anywhere… my experience with INFJs is that, while mourning loved ones, we would be able to pretty easily cut ties with the past and get a tight grasp on reality. We would be fiercely loyal and protective of those whom we believed were worthy of it, and not worry about the rest. We are very bright and cunning and see things in ways others can’t; we have lots of qualities that would make us almost invaluable in out-thinking the new circumstances. If tough decisions needed to be made, we could do it, even if it did cause a twinge of conscience.

    Dale? He was a moralizing namby-pamby who was stuck in a past that no longer existed, and I was quite pleased when he got zombified.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion… but I know I’m no moral compass. 🙂

    1. pixiej
  2. Sadie (Post author)

    Lol… I have had several conversations about Dale being annoying with other INFJs. I think Dale was emotionally wounded before the apocalypse because of the death of his wife, and perhaps that made him obnoxious.

    Of course, I am also an INFJ, and I absolutely agree with you that we would be incredibly innovative and hard working in an effort to keep the world going, hence my statement about vision and skill. When I mention being militant, I am really stating that we will stand up for what is right and people we care about, whether it is popular or not. Perhaps I could have used a better word, but I think you and I are saying similar things in different ways. I really appreciate the comment!

  3. Meri

    I thought of him more as an INFP-

    1. Sadie (Post author)

      Interesting! I’d love to hear what it is about him that makes you see him that way. 🙂


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