ESTP Zombie Apocalypse

ESTP WDMost people probably hope we never have a zombie apocalypse, and I have no doubt that a lot of ESTPs agree with that. That being said, ESTPs typically love physical activity and getting their blood pumping with adrenaline, so many ESTPs will enjoy the adventure aspects of  kicking some zombie tail.  ESTPs thrive off of excitement and physical thrills, and fighting for your survival by crushing some undead skulls certainly fits that bill.  People of this type might even dare the zombies to come and get them…

ESTPs will likely be up to the challenge of rescue missions, food runs, gathering supplies, and hunting.  Perhaps the biggest difficulty for ESTPs in the zombie apocalypse will be keeping their enthusiasm quiet… After all, screaming with glee after winning a battle will only bring a herd your way.

Which characters from The Walking Dead do you think fit the ESTP description?  The first person that comes to my mind is Merle Dixon.  I must add that ESTPs are not inherently racist womanizers or people of questionable morals, though I can’t say the same about old Merle.  Carl also comes to mind as meeting the description of an ESTP. What do you think?

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Personality Playbook is in no way affiliated with The Walking Dead, nor is the person writing this a zombie.

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  1. Amy

    Oh, no! I didn’t like Merle!
    For your next tv-related MBTI analysis of characters, could you PLEASE look at Bravo’s Real Housewives show? I find myself trying to figure them out.


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