ESTJ Zombie Apocalypse

ESTJ WDDuring the zombie apocalypse, ESTJs will probably take a leadership role to keep the group  they are with on track to stay safe and make decisions that are practical and logical.  ESTJs may be a voice of reason, direction, and objectivity in the group.  They will likely be able to make the tough decisions to keep their own safe, even when it means not helping or trusting outsiders.

Of course, ESTJs in this situation may be so focused on the safest way to accomplish a task that they leave out the people-centered perspective in the group.  They may be frustrated with what they see as emotional reasons that a logical task should not be completed.

Perhaps you have guessed this already, but in looking at the characters on The Walking Dead, the first person who comes to mind as meeting the description of an ESTJ is Shane.  Please note that being an ESTJ does not mean that a person has screws loose; however, I give Shane a little pass on that given the fact that dead people were trying to eat him for some time… It would cause a few screws to come loose for most people.

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Personality Playbook is in no way affiliated with The Walking Dead, nor is the person writing this a zombie.

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