ENFP Zombie Apocalypse

ENFP WDENFPs, in the zombie apocalypse, will more than likely be the bringers of many ideas to keep members of the group feeling appreciated, cared for, and emotionally safe.  They will probably speak up for those who have a hard time sharing their voice, and they will be a source of warmth, meaning, and humanity in a world that has lost most of those qualities.

Despite the destroyed surroundings, ENFPs will find ways to be positive in many situations, though they will certainly mourn for the tremendous losses in the world and wonder what the point is of the apocalypse.  They may be helpful to the group in their ability to help others see the importance of getting on board with ideas that help people.  ENFPs will be more interested in helping relationships than in repeating day to day tasks, but they will certainly pitch in to do what needs to be done.

In looking at the characters of The Walking Dead, there does not currently seem to be a character who fits the ENFP description.  Disagree?  Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Heather

    I think the closest to an ENFP was Beth. She was always brightening people’s days with her optimism and bringing them in touch with hope and the connectivity they had with each other through being human (like with her singing). She tenderly cared for little Judith in the absence of a mother. She was able to improvise & problem solve creatively on the spot in the hospital, using her relationships with others (manipulating people for the benefit of the greater *good* only) in order to attempt escape, rather than busting out en force or part of an intricate scheme. She stood up for those in the hospital she felt were treated unjustly. I also think that the way she was able to make such an impact on tough-hearted Daryl was very indicative of an ENFP, whose altruistic nature connects with a multitude of personalities. ENFP’s always manage to worm their way into the hardest of hearts. I think an ENFP would be harder to identify in a zombie apocalypse, because—being project oriented—they wouldn’t have the luxury of their sometimes erratic, bouncing-from-project-to-project self. Their “projects” would be survival, taking care of others, and keeping hope alive. And what we know about ENFP’s is that when they are committed to a cause, they are unwavering. The worst part for an ENFP would be the boredom and repetition of survival…it would be just like an ENFP to start singing in the middle of a boring task, like Beth does often. Unlike other nurturing personalities, the ENFP would have no problem stepping up and doing something difficult but necessary—like killing someone—in order to save a weaker disposition from having to do it themself. I think, too, that the weight of an apocalypse and all the terrible things necessary for survival would be such an emotional burden on an ENFP, that as a result they would shut off their ability to feel sadness—never shutting off their ability to hope or see good in others, though. This is just like Beth, who—still very much seen by others as a sensitive, emotional being—must explain several times in the show to characters that she stopped crying a long time ago.

    1. Sadie (Post author)

      Thank you, Heather! These are some great and well written thoughts! You and I are fairly close in our interpretation of Beth, as I have her as an INFP. While I wrote these descriptions in season 3, before a lot of Beth’s growth, I still see her as an introvert. While she maintained optimism and hope much of the time, suicide attempt not withstanding, she kept much of her true self to herself and to those closest to her in a one on one fashion… She expressed herself to Daryl and her diary, but she never seemed to be one to be outspoken in the group. Of course, we have the difficulties associated with the zombie apocalypse being a little bit stressful and with these being fictional characters, but that’s my take. Thank you so much for sharing yours!

  2. Chris

    Dale. I think you’ve mis-typed him (but it seems to be pretty common). I think he displays the Extroverted love of other people and draws energy from being part of a group. He is driven by a strong personal value system while being accepting of other belief sytems (he frequently plays ‘Devil’s Advocate’). He is a very perceptive judge of others (seeing through Shane) although this can occasionally lead him to jump to false conclusions (misjusding Andrea’s motivation for suicide and her reaction to his interference) . ENFPs tend to be very aware of their surroundings explaining why he would usually be on lookout. They tend to be restless/adventure seekers hence the RV. ENFPS often have quirky senses of humor, are loved by those around them, and tend to be ‘guiding’ leaders or teachers (teaching Glenn to work on the RV and giving advice). Finally, the ongoing belief that it’s never over/there’s always hope.
    I could give other reasons as well but I think that covers it pretty well.

  3. cat

    sounds like dale to me

    1. Sadie (Post author)

      Thanks! You may be right! These are all up to interpretation, of course, being fictional characters. I listed Dale as an INFJ because he tends to take people aside to chat with them one on one about moral issues, etc., and he has a similar stubbornness to my own INFJ stubbornness.


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