MBTI® Step I Interpretation


Genuine MBTI® Step I assessment and interpretation, via Skype


This service includes one administration of the genuine MBTI® Step I assessment with Profile Report, plus a one hour interpretation via Skype* with MBTI® Master Practitioner and author of Personality Playbook, Sadie Young, M.Ed.. This assessment will allow you to learn about Myers-Briggs®, clarify your personal preferences, and discuss your individual, 4 letter type code with a trained professional.

Once you purchase this item, you will receive an email with a link to take the MBTI®, and you will be contacted via email to schedule your interpretation with Sadie.

Not sure if you want a Step I or Step II assessment and interpretation? Read this article on the 3 Steps of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to see the difference.

*Please note that results are returned during the interpretation. While Skype is the preferred method of interpretation, phone appointments are available for US residents.


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