The MBTI Type of Frosty the Snowman

FrostyLast year, we did an in-depth and totally scientific analysis of the MBTI® type of the one and only, real Santa Claus. This year, it only makes sense to explore the personality of another holiday favorite in the same way, and who has more personality to look at than good ole’ Frosty the snowman!

As you read the analysis below, it is important to know that this is based strictly off of Frosty’s song… Not the movies.  Also, of course, remember that despite the incredibly scientific methods (aka. absurdity) used to come up with Frosty’s type, in order to truly learn the type of this jolly snowman, he would need to take the actual assessment, which may result in a computer short from leaky fingers, and he would need to have an interpretation by a type professional, which I am happy to provide if the opportunity presents itself.

With that disclaimer, off we go….



E or I?

  • Extraversion: Let’s face it… Frosty came to life and wanted to spend all of his time playing with a big group of children, who became his friends almost instantly!  He managed to be incredibly expressive with a button nose and coal for eyes, and he was pretty much bursting with energy throughout the course of his snowy existence.  That being said, scientific research requires looking at both possibilities, so….
  • Introversion: Hmmm….. Well???? Ummmmm…. Yeah, I got nothing on the Introverted side for Frosty… He showed no reflection, never showed any desire for alone time, and didn’t think before speaking, that I can recall.

I think it is quite obvious that Frosty is a beautiful example of…



S or N?

  • Sensing: Frosty loved to play outside, enjoy the hills of snow, run, jump, and enjoy all of the concrete goodness the world has to offer.  He was also keenly aware of the hot sun, but he chose to focus on the here and now of the playing at hand.
  • Intuition: If Frosty had been an Intuitive type, he may have wanted to hold a brainstorming session on the future possibilities of his life, and he may have wanted to play pretend or other games that involved lots of imagination…. Of course, you could make a good case that the kids who made and played with Frosty were Intuitive types, as they didn’t seem to question that a magic hat could bring snow to life, but Frosty didn’t display many qualities of Intuition.

This is another pretty easy one…. It’s probably safe to say that Frosty prefers…




T or F?

  • Thinking: Looking at Thinking, Frosty showed absolutely no concern for problem solving, despite the sunny predicament he found himself in.  Sure, he acknowledged the data that the sun was hot that day, but did that change his course of action? Nah… Frosty wasn’t placing much stock in looking at problems and data.
  • Feeling: Frosty pretty obviously wanted to look at the bright side of his situation… He had lots of friends to play with, and he wanted to spend his time enjoying being with them!  He even showed concern for the kids instead of himself by asking them not to cry… I mean, how selfless is it to show concern for others when you are facing an imminent fate as a puddle?!

Yep, it’s plain to see that Frosty prefers…




J or P?

  • Judging: I’m going to get straight to the point on this one…. If Frosty were a Judging type, the moment he came to life, there would be a plan in the works that involved a freezer, a backup freezer, a generator to ensure the freezer would stay on in case of power failure, and the travel plan to the freezer would begin immediately.  Of course, with Frosty being an Extravert, said freezer would need windows, speakers to hear and talk with the outside world, and a place for visitors, and that would all be in the Frosty Longevity Plan… Did Frosty concoct such a plan? Um, no.
  • Perceiving:  Frosty came to life acting like he had PLENTY of time before melting… He just wanted to live it up in the here and now and worry about that whole melting thing later, despite the hot sun. He wanted to be the life of the party and live every second to the fullest, even if that living shortened his life, and I have a feeling he didn’t regret it one bit!  After all, water can refreeze, and magic hats are practically a dime a dozen.

No doubt, our Frosty friend prefers…



If you put all of this together, you can see that Frosty the snowman likely has a preference for…



Alright, I have to admit that this was a pretty easy type analysis.  Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion, so feel free to argue the point in the comments if you disagree.  In this case, though, even the whole type fits Frosty, who has a passion for fun, just like many ESFPs.

If you are looking for more fun with type, make sure to check out the Type Fun page. It has lots of infographics and other fun type tidbits. Of course, if you’re more into zombies, you can visit that page instead. Come to think of it, snowmen may do rather well in the zombie apocalypse, as zombies don’t drink or eat water… Score one for Frosty! Other than that, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season! Thank you so much for reading!


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