The 16 Personality Types Are Up!

I am very excited to say that the first incarnations of the descriptions of the 16 personality types are up and ready to read!  It is a funny thing to sit down as one person and try to describe your own type, as well as 15 other types.  During this process, I have laughed at myself as I attempted to be as objective as possible in my descriptions of others, and I hope that I have managed that.  That being said, I am an INFJ, and these descriptions are certainly an INFJ’s views on what the 16 types look like.  I hope that you will feel free to either comment or email me input on the descriptions, as you see fit.

Now that these descriptions are up, I plan to begin focusing on how type impacts different areas of the college experience.  Given that the school year is about to begin, I want to focus on learning styles, the dreaded roommate relationship, and other things that students face in the early days of college.  I will also soon add descriptions of the 16 types as team members and leaders to the general descriptions.  You may ask why I will add these descriptions first, and the answer is not as mystical as you might hope… I wrote them 6 months ago for another project!

If you are interested in gaining more, basic information on type, check out the booklet Introduction to Type.  This was used as a resource for some of the information in the 16 type descriptions.  I also recommend the book Gifts Differing, for anyone new to type and anyone familiar with type who has never read it.  Both of these books are enjoyable to read, and they will give you a good base on which to build knowledge of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.  Until next time, happy reading, and please let me know any suggestions and/or questions you have.


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